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Why Choose us?

Our technicians are very well rounded and have been assembled from from some of the most inhospitable locations in the US.  We require our technicians to be NATE certified to ensure they are up to date with all the increasingly sophisticated  systems available.  


Current Deals

We are always offering many specials Please contact us for an up to date list.


When should I have my furnace maintenance completed?  

answer: your furnace should be checked starting in September.

When should I have my cooling system maintenance performed?

Answer: Cooling maintenance is require outdoor temperatures to be above 65 degrees.  If temperatures are below that threshold then a proper evaluation cannot be performed.  The end of April is usually the best time to have the system checked.

I have allergies what can I do?

Answer: Elevated HVAC offers a full line of products that make your homes indoor air quality better.  We offer allergen filters, UV lights for germ/mold abatement, and carbon filters that eliminate foul odors.

What is NATE?

NATE is the North American Technical Excellency program and is one of the rarest forms of certification a technician can receive.  The NATE test requires a technician to be cutting edge with the technology that is being implemented in modern HVAC equipment.  NATE certified technicians are among the top 10% of technicians in the country and must follow strict guidelines to maintain the certification including extensive continuing education.  If your technician doesn't have a NATE certificate then your not getting the Elevated service you deserve.