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Elevated HVAC

Elevated HVAC keeps you from being stranded without comfort




After a long day on the slopes of Park City returning to a comfortable home is key.  We have the most comprehensive maintenance checklist in the state and will make sure your family is comfortable year round.



Whether you have in-floor radiant or electric radiant heat we are specialists in longevity and performance.  We all know the water in Park City is very hard.  This hardness causes premature failure of a boiler.  Our treatments and maintenance programs ensure during the coldest of days and nights you can rest at ease knowing you won't be left in the cold.


Furnace/Forced Air

The average life expectancy of a furnace is 12-15 years.  Our maintenance program can increase this by 25%.  We also offer furnace upgrade programs and some of the highest efficiency units on the market today.  Our furnaces have a 10 year warranty and we handle all paperwork to ensure coverage is maximized at no extra cost.

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