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Thermal Imaging

Why Thermal imaging

If you own an older home, have higher than normal electrical costs, or have a home with an uncomfortable draft thermal imaging can locate areas your HVAC system is losing or gaining heat.  Your home is subject year-round to the elements.  A thermal imaging report can identify issues that are invisible to the eye.  The technician can then guide you in the right direction whether its HVAC, insulation, or a combination of the 2 we can guide you to the areas costing you valuable comfort.

What to expect

Once you have been scheduled the technician will arrive at your home.  The technician will walk throughout your home so make sure all areas are accessible.  Once the technician has walked the home and taken pictures of areas that show abnormalities these pictures will be placed in a report and emailed over to you for review.  

How does it save me money

The losses in HVAC systems account for over 50% of the "wasted" energy consumption of a home.  This method guarantees if you have an area losing or gaining heat that you won't waste any money on unnecessary repairs and allows the issues to be front and center.  Most homes can save substantial amounts of energy costs for little upfront investment.  Call Elevated HVAC  to schedule your thermal image report today.

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